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OfficeBLOCK takes on life around the office water cooler in a series of captivating vignettes that lift the lid on the tyranny of conformity and the culture of corporate greed. The series is set in the seemingly familiar world of white-collar workers and dreary office surroundings where everything is business as usual...or is it? In a battle between personal and personnel, four co-workers negotiate life within the corporation, and the audience watches as things unravel at the suit-seams when the hunger for greed and power leads to the point of no return.

Featuring FTH:K’s signature brand of visual theatre, OfficeBLOCK is a rollercoaster of dark humour and non-verbal narrative, taking a poignant journey into the politics of people.

Originally directed by Rob Murray

Devised by the ensemble under the direction of Jayne Batzofin 
Featuring Christopher Beukes, Asanda Rilityana, Sinethemba Mgebisa, Marlon Snyders
Directed by Jayne Batzofin

Set and costume design by Jayne Batzofin

Originally conceived as part of the Artsbridge International Exchange,OfficeBLOCK is set to tour South Africa extensively in 2012, including a short season at the Baxter Theatre. BOOK NOW!


“ good that words were unnecessary...inspirational theatre experience. Your life will be truly enriched...”
“...vol donker humor en fyn gespot...maak seker jy sien OfficeBLOCK.”
Marina Griebanow, Die Burger
“ completely concentrate, you dare not blink, and the action grabs hold of you from beginning to the end...thick, fast, and furious...OfficeBLOCK is drama at its best: blunt and honest. The audience is left to make up their own dialogue and let their imagination run wild. The performers are totally magnificent, they are screaming in your face, yet they utter no single word.”
Nathi Tshabalala on
“In this clever production four office workers trample all over each other, and ultimately betray themselves, along the scramble up the corporate ladder. It is ugly and messy but beautifully dispersed by moments of tenderness and gentle humour...magical and transformative...”
Astrid Stark on
‘…magnificent….. precise and sensitive………. Sinethemba was captivating in a scene called The Newcomer. Liezl brought such vulnerability, and yet at the same time power, to her character in the scene called The Boys’ Club. Christopher with his smooth moves using his hat and general comedic timing was a pleasure to watch and Marlon was sublime at providing the foil, in many cases, to the characters played by Christopher.’
“an often comic often extremely dark view of the politics of “the office”….. the physical skills of the performers are top notch…. Liezl de Kock is moving but never sentimental in her portrayal of the woman……. challenging, exciting physical theatre from FTH:K with a poetic soul and a big heart”
Nigel Vermaas on Bush Radio
‘Dit is egter al baie naby aan perfek.’
Die Burger
“…takes corporate cool to a whole new level….. inventive sequences and of course Murray’s signature style of exploring dark subject matter through an ostensibly playful physical approach… powerful… Watch out for this one – it’s, quite literally, going places”
Carla Lever on
“FTH:K’s productions continue to challenge audiences as they create spaces where verbal dialogue is replaced by a physical narrative that rings loudly in your ears. Jayne Batzofin’s set design is ingenious…..expressive performances by a cast that practically bounce off the wall with their energy….OfficeBLOCK is a fun, yet thought-provoking depiction of the tyranny of conformity and the culture of corporate greed….FTH:K continues to occupy hearts and minds with non-verbal theatre that screams with originality and verve. ”
Cape Times