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Turn Small money into big change!


FTH:K has launched a membership programme called The FTH:K Family. It allows people to join for a nominal annual fee and receive exciting benefits throughout their membership. It gives members the chance to:

  • Adopt a clown
  • Adopt a programme
  • Adopt a current company need
  • Adopt the Company

This means members can decide where their money goes and what it is used for. They also get to benefit from the following:

  • Invitation to one exclusive Membership Event every year
  • Reduced tickets to FTH:K performance and workshop programmes
  • Access to observe FTH:K training sessions and dress rehearsals
  • Advanced notification of all FTH:K programmes
  • The knowledge that they are making a difference in thousands of South African's lives annually

Still in its initial phase, the Family is expected to grow consistently over the next few years and contribute more significantly to FTH:K's annual income.