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Tales from the Trash

Tales from the Trash

On a rubbish heap filled with the discards of society, three tramps converge looking for food and a means of survival by any means. Initially suspicious of each other, and competing for scraps of food and comfort, the three are drawn together by their common situation and a grudging camaraderie is formed.

When one tramp discovers a story book in the pile of rubbish, he is immediately drawn in by the story he reads. However, the other two are excluded from his world due to their illiteracy, so he endeavours to include them in the power and energy of the narrative and starts enacting it, drawing them closer together.

The three tramps explode the story on stage in a display of physical and visual performance, where the trash they live in is used to bring the story to life, and in this way build to a more satisfying life where culture, and narratives, have the potential to sustain life, and develop fragile bonds of friendship and togetherness. The story itself is an epic African yarn of coming of age, as a displaced boy grows up to become a man in a tribe that isn't his, and is ultimately forced to deal with the very real issue of identity and family. At turns both tragic and highly comic, the play veers along a madcap path, and in doing so bonds the tramps like never before. From the depths of the rubbish, and the wasteland of their lives, they are able to eke out a sustenance and a dignity that will change their lives for the better.

Developed from an original story by Christopher Beukes
Devised and performed by Marlon Snyders, Tomri Steyn and Christopher Beukes
Directed by Rob Murray, Jayne Batzofin and Liezl de Kock
Designed by Jayne Batzofin



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Tales from the Trash